Intensive Short-Term Speech Therapy Program to Maximize Progress

TWIST for Adults

Stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors, as well as victims to other degenerative neurological and developmental, and language and learning challenges can now immerse themselves in a TWIST to traditional speech therapy. This exciting opportunity provides hope for individuals with newly acquired difficulties as well as for those who have lived with their deficits for many years. It is helpful for people who continue to receive professional rehabilitation services or for people who have been discharged from other speech therapy programs. It empowers participants to tackle their challenges head on and jump-start rehabilitation and education efforts. Contact Joan Green to learn more.



TWIST for Students

This version TWIST empowers students with the help of educational, mainstream and specialized technology tools to maximize success. Assistive technology tools may include but is not limited to the use of: tablets such as the iPad, desktop and notebook computers, Smart phones, recording pens, and eBook readers. 

Helpful software and app features may include:
  • speech to text (student speaks and text appears on the screen)
  • word prediction (suggested words are shown as the student types)
  • spelling and grammar (powerful programs help teach spelling and grammar skills and correct errors)
  • digital text/text to speech (advanced software reads books, documents and online text aloud)
  • recording devices (special pens and apps assist with memory and taking notes - the written material and audio can be synced and saved)
  • written organization/webbing (software and apps can be used to help generate and organize writing)
  • learning/studying/memory tools (apps, online flashcards and social bookmarking tools can help with learning new material)
  • supplemental teaching resources (online programs, apps and software can be used to provide visual/multisensory information to help learn and reinforce new material.)
Learn to use these technology tools to assist with:
  • executive functioning skills (attention and focus, ability to prioritize, time management and organization)
  • self advocacy
  • reading comprehension
  • auditory comprehension and processing
  • written expression,
  • verbal expression

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Clients and Their Families

"His speech has improved remarkably." (wife of former client) 

My husband suffered a stroke at the age of 40. The damage to his left hemisphere left him literally wordless- we were told he had severe apraxia and aphasia. He started working intensively with Joan Green. With Joan's personalized program, lots of practice and diligence, his speech has improved remarkably. The crippling apraxia has nearly disappeared. (Megan Thomas - Wife of former client) 

"Working with Joan has improved my quality of life and encouraged me to continue to improve my functionality." (former client) 

"I started working with Joan and the Innovative Speech Therapy team to help me regain my communication skills six months after my stroke in 2002. Joan provided intensive traditional speech therapy as well as unconventional therapy through the use of software, computers and technology. The drills and practice we had improved my articulation and recall of words, and the use of software and technology expedited my learning curve and empowered me to work alone to accomplish even more. 

Through the use of a text reader, word prediction and Wynn Wizard software, I can now understand written language as well as communicate to others. These technologies inspired me to develop my own speech therapy CD which focuses on word pronunciation and articulation. Working with Joan has improved my quality of life and encouraged me to continue to improve my functionality." (Winston Lindsley - Former Client) 

"Speech therapy programs need to be revamped to include the resources, tools and techniques of Joan Green's modern system." (wife of former client)

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TWIST for Parents

Parents of children who have developmental and acquired communication and cognitive challenges often want to know more about what they can do to help their child maximize his or her potential. This exciting  short-term program provides families with information they need to enhance and augment educational and rehabilitation programs. It offers parents and other caregivers many resources which are available to help children tackle challenges head on and jump-start efforts to improve skills in the areas of speaking, understanding, reading, writing, thinking and learning.   Contact Joan Green to learn more.

TWIST for Preschoolers

Joan Green offers a program using innovative affordable early intervention strategies and solutions. This unique program empowers proactive parents to help their children become more confident and capable as their communication and cognitive skills emerge. Sessions focus on engaging children in a wide variety of enjoyable activities involving play and exploration that can support the growth of communication, social interaction and learning. Children often need some extra help developing the skills needed to express themselves and interacting with the world in which they live. When children receive speech therapy at a young age and have parents and caregivers who have a good understanding about how to stimulate their speech, language, social and cognitive skills they have a greater likelihood of success. In addition to interactions during play and daily routines, Joan Green selects and customizes cutting-edge new technological learning tools that parents can use at home to stimulate better communication skills, reduce frustration, and foster greater success in school readiness skills. Contact Joan Green to learn more.

TWIST at a Distance for Caregivers

TWIST at a Distance for Caregivers is an intensive individualized short-term distance program to help caregivers learn about resources and strategies to help others who have communication and cognitive challenges. It incorporates the use of phone, email, video conferencing and online application sharing. There are several packages from which to choose to accommodate different needs and budgets. This program is ideal when clients are unable to travel for direct therapy and have a "computer buddy" who will take the lead in the rehabilitation efforts. Save travel expenses and time. Contact Joan Green to learn more.