Joan Green's innovative approach to treating language and cognitive deficits finally propels speech therapy into the 21st century! We are living in a world of rapid technological advances and yet most therapists have failed to incorporate new technology into their therapeutic procedures. Joan Green's unique program utilizes a vast array of materials ranging from simple books and games to elaborate computer programs. She adapts her procedure to the unique needs and present level of her clients. Her techniques and resources enable family members to also assist in the process on a daily basis away from the formal therapy setting. The intensity of the therapy, coupled with the well chosen tools, hastens clients' improvement and enables them to reach their full potential. Her work is extremely important. Other speech therapy programs are hampered in their attempts to assist many of their clients by the limitations of their resources and methods. Speech therapy programs need to be revamped to include the resources, tools and techniques of Joan Green's modern system." (Joan Doolittle - Wife of former client)

"The resources and techniques she used were absolutely unique and effective."(daughter of former client)

"The tools that Innovative Speech Therapy recommended have been instrumental in helping my Dad regain and sustain the ability to communicate with family and friends around the country. Therapy goals were targeted to re-establish communication and the ability to share humor -- which have been the hallmarks of my Dad's life. Dad's speech pathologist recommended we seek out Joan to help Dad with his communications challenges. The resources and techniques she used were absolutely unique and effective. Dad is living proof that at least some stroke victims can continue to improve, long after they are deemed to be "stalled" by more traditional approaches. Nearly 2 years after his stroke, after working with the software tools 1-3 times/week, he discovered that he could again read the newspaper without assistance! I don't know what we could have done if we had not been referred to Joan. Computer-assistive technology is still considered a new technique...and many speech therapists working in skilled nursing and rehab facilities do not have the equipment, the support, nor the time to learn how to integrate these tools into their treatment programs. This needs to change!"(Helen Wood - Daughter of former client)

"Her methods are extremely stimulating." (daughter of former client and SLP)

"When my dad had a stroke, Joan was the SLP I chose to work with him. Having worked together in rehabilitation, I appreciated all of Joan's strengths as a clinician: organized, empathetic, energetic, innovative, and practical. When she formed Innovative Speech Therapy as a company to provide innovative computer program use for stroke and brain injured clients, I couldn't wait to take her classes. She is a master teacher and clinician, and like all great teachers is able to simplify complex issues and present them in a practical, and applicable way. Joan is very passionate about what she does and has really made the effort for the clinician and family to benefit from her passion, curiosity and hard work and not to forget the fun part of it. Her methods are extremely stimulating. It is also helpful to have this externalization through the computer, a great biofeedback assistant. She has done the leg work so we (patients and clinicians) can reap the benefits. I can't wait for her Guides and kits!" (Luann Jacobs- Speech Language Pathologist)

"This technique has been so successful that my husband has progressed from not recognizing simple pictures to reading the newspaper and news and professional magazines." (spouse of former client)

"The use of computer generated language programs has dramatically enhanced the quality of life for my husband. After his stroke in 2000 at the age of 56 his language deficit was so great that traditional language therapy was abandoned within the first year. That's when we found Joan Green and her innovative use of computers to introduce new techniques for language therapy. The programs allowed my intelligent, highly motivated husband to independently use a familiar device at his own pace. This technique has been so successful that my husband has progressed from not recognizing simple pictures to reading the newspaper and news and professional magazines. We see no signs of this forward momentum ending. With the aid of Joan Green and her technological therapy my husband's computer will become his augmentative speaking device. Thanks to Joan's optimistic attitude and her "outside the box" techniques, my husband's world continues to grow bigger and better." (Jane VanRemoortere- Spouse of Client)

"IST therapists were instrumental to regain my ability to write" (former client)

"A few months after my stroke, I met the speech therapists from Innovative Speech Therapy. My therapy goal was to return to my attorney practice - a lofty goal for someone who had aphasia and apraxia. IST therapists were instrumental to regain my ability to write. In fact, the only way that I can write this endorsement today, is by using the computer techniques, tools and strategies that I learned at IST. I did return to my job awhile. Now, as the Administrator of the Stroke Comeback Center, I run a computer lab and assist other stroke survivors to use technology to reclaim communication skills. Thank you, Joan"(Janice Rodriguez - former client)

"Thank you so very much for all of your help which my parents greatly appreciate almost as much as I do. I will definitely keep up all of my progress which you have helped me achieve. Also, it feels totally reassuring that you are there to help me. Thanks again." (J.L. Daughter of former client)