I am a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist, technology consultant, mother of four, and the founder of Innovative Speech Therapy. My passion is doing all that I can to help children and adults who have a wide variety of communication, cognitive, literacy and learning challenges. Since obtaining my Master's degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders back in 1986 from Northwestern University, I  developed a uniquely effective approach to therapy by empowering individuals, families, and professionals to benefit from affordable, cutting-edge technologies. I provide in-person speech therapy in the Washington, DC area, online coaching, online courses, and workshops. I am the author of several books. My most recent publication is titled: Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources for Education, Intervention and Rehabilitation, 2nd Edition and I am now working on the 3rd edition which should be available in early 2018.  Let's stay in touch. 

I speak extensively to professionals as well as clients and caregivers at the local, state, national and global level to promote the integration of computers and technology into treatment. One area of my practice that I especially enjoy is connecting with graduate speech therapy as well as special education students and guiding them on ways to incorporate technology into the help they provide others. I consult with aphasia centers, regular and special education schools, assistive living facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, private practices and senior centers to facilitate the coordination of technology-based programs for people with communication and cognitive challenges. I prioritize my continuing education so that I can stay on top of the newest affordable, available technologies so that I can actively research potential therapy resources, products, and techniques. I am always looking out for new innovative ways to help my clients and received the "Most Outstanding Contribution to the Field" award from the Maryland Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

My undergraduate and graduate level education and training took place at Northwestern University. I grew up in Buffalo, NY and live in Potomac, MD with my wonderful husband Mark, our four children (two currently attend graduate school, and two are in college and two loving dogs, Teddie and Cody.